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Black & White Wednesday – # 20 (en)

I’m very fortunate, because I have a big family.
1 husband, 1 father-in-law to take care of, 3 of 4 children (you still call them children when they are over 19?)
still living at home, 1 boyfriend living with us and 8 cats.
We have a big house, an even bigger garden but a very very small kitchen!
Lately everybody has agreed that it is too small.
That’s since they see Molly keeping me company while I’m cooking.

Kitchen help :-)

She sits in the kitchen sink paying attention on every move I make.

Kitchen help :-)

It doesn’t  even bother her if I have to open the tap!

Kitchen help :-)

Kitchen help :-)

The photos were shot in color and then converted to black and white.


This is my submission to week #20 edition of

Black and White Wednesday – A Culinary Photography Event,

recently launched by Susan of

The Well-Seasoned Cook.