Lentil salad with octopus and pear – WHB #310 (en)

It’s been a strange week, a little sad but also with some happy moments.
Like on Thursday, I took a group of hotel owners on a trekking.
It was some time they asked me to take them with me on some walk,
they have heard about the walks all summer from their clients and where curious to see by them selves.
So I choose Pai-Castelletto.
It was a beautiful day, cold but sunny. The view was lovely.
view of the lake from above loc. salto

View of Pizzocolo from Castelletto

They liked it very much, and I liked it even more that we ended up at Livio’s “Osteria al Pescatore” in Castelletto. It was some time I didn’t visit him and Rosaria.
So we cheered with Prosecco and some small bruschetta with fish
and coppa (no photos, they disappeared in no time :-D)
And Ale, Emil, Elvi, Paola and Antonella had me promise to take them
soon on an other walk. My pleasure! 🙂

I like very much lentils, as a matter a fact I prefer them cold in salads.
If you let them “al dente” they give a nice “crunchy” touch to your salad.
This recipe was an experiment, I liked the idea of octopus together with lentils,
and thought that the pear would give it all a fresher, lighter and sweetened taste.
It came out really good! 😀

Lentil salad with octopus and pear

insalata di polipo, lenticchie e pera

you need:
300gr of marinated octopus in pieces*
250gr of lentils
1 red bell pepper
1 pear
2 endive salad
1 piece of leek
salt, pepper
lemon juice
extra vergin olive oil

Cook the lentils as you are used to. Keep them “al dente”, that means not to soft.
(I use the thermomix: boil water for 12min 100°C then put the small basket inside and pour the lentils. Cook for aprx 13min 100°C speed: 3)
let them cool while preparing the rest of the ingredients.
wash, peel and cut the bell pepper in slices, the leek and the endive in rings
put all the vegetables in a big bowl.
wash and cut the pear in slices (stoned)
add the lentils.
add the marinated octopus cut in pieces.
salt and pepper
mix well
make a dressing whisking together lemon juice and olive oil
(easiest way is to put it in a glass jar, close lid and shake vigorously)
pour the dressing over the salad and serve immediately.

insalata di polipo, lenticchie e pera

Enjoy! 😀

insalata di polipo, lenticchie e pera

I buy the octopus marinated ready. I’m not that good (not at all) with cleaning and cooking octopus

This is my entry for this week’s herbal blogging
hosted by my dear friend Cristina from
La cucina di Cristina.

thank’s to Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen and                                                                        Haalo,  Cook (almost) anything at least once

Who have given my the chance to organize the Italian version of WHB!

Do you want to join? read here 


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