Beetroot Chutney – WHB #309 (en)

Today was a very lovely day. This morning I worked a little outside, making order among my citrus plants. I have to put them inside over the winter as they are very delicate.
The two lemon trees are putted nearer the house but stay outside, they are of a harder kind.
My fresh herbs was moved from the outer part of the terrace near the kitchen door. There it is a little warmer, the sun
shining in the morning will give them the warmth they need to survive the winter. Of course the taste will not be strong, perfumed like in the summer, but I will have mint, parsley,
marjoram, rosemary and sage all the winter.
I’m drying leaves from my two pepper bushes, they have a strong pepper taste and are perfect for winter soups.

Then later, the wind was warm and the lake was
sparkling in afternoon sun, so I took a walk with my
friend Monica nearby.
It is called Luppia and is the last (almost, the mountain
finishes with San Vigilio) piece of Monte Baldo.

It is a little more then 450mt high and when you look back
you can see Costabella.

Costabella - Monte Baldo from Luppia

On our left you can see Garda Bay, with the two Rocca above and behind Moscal. Further ahead in the mist is Bardolino.

Moscal- Rocca - Garda - Bardolino

Going back the mist got more thick and Pizzocolo outlined above it.
pizzocolo in the fog

It was all very peaceful and beautiful.

Beetroot chutney

Recipe from the Book:

marmellate confetture e succhi

Ed. mulino don chisciotte

Beetroot Chutney - Chutney di barbabietola

1kg  of peeled beetroots*
500gr of yellow onion**
500gr of white wine vinegar
500gr of caster sugar
1 tps of fresh grated pimento
1 tps of coriander seed
1 tps pf yellow or brown mustard seeds
5 black pepper grains
1 tps salt

Peel the beetroot and cut in slices
Slice the onion.
Put all the ingredients in a pot and let cook gently for 2 hours, until the beetroot is soft.
Pour in clean glasses and close lids. Let cool up side down.
Let rest 1 month before using.
Conserved in a dark, cool and dry place, it will conserve
at least 3 years-

Very nice with boild potato, grilled meat, sausage, cold chicken and as to night, with lamb.


* If you use already boild beetroot, you must boil the onions a little, if not you will find yourself with a beetroot puree and raw onions.

** You can also use red sweet onions.

Anh from A Food Lover’s Journey is hosting this week’s WHB.              Thank you Anh for hosting. 


thank’s to Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen and                                                                        Haalo,  Cook (almost) anything at least once

Who have given my the chance to organize the Italian version of WHB!

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