Celery and Tomato Chutney – WHB #308 (en)

Well, it is raining almost all over Italy.
Here they say it will last until Thursday, oooh.
I really don’t mind. The rain is the only weather that keeps me at home!
Because with all other sorts of weather you can trek!
If it is sunny and hot, it is tougher but you just walk slower and drink more.
If it is windy, your trek will be special, because the wind will sweep away all
the haziness and the panorama will be at its best.
If it is cloudy and grey, you trek will be great, no sweat, no dizziness.
If it is dark and the moon is shining, you fullmoon trek will be successful even
if you forget the prosecco and just bring the coffee
(it never happens, though..better bring both!)
If it is snowing, well then you just put your snow-shoes on and everything
is easy and so fun!

So, in these days I have to stay home a probably will finish all those things
I said I would in the last months. Or….. :-DDD

The only problem we have when it is raining so hard is that the internet
connection doesn’t work, so I must go find some other connection to use.
Hopefully the wire will be fixed tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

I found an old recipe I have never posted on the blog. I opended
a jar to taste, and was very surprised. It is true that I read,
that some preserves should rest some time before being used, put
normally I try, taste and finish in no time.
This jar has been resting for over 2 years, and I must
say it is very, very good!!

Chutney di Pomodoro e Sedano

Chutney Sellery & tomato

The recipe comes from the book:
marmellate, confetture e succhi
ed. molino don chisciotte
500gr of tomato
200gr of green celery (also the leaves)
1-2 chilis
3 ground cloves
1 tsp of black pepper grains
1 tps of  yellow mustard seed 
1 tps of salt
250gr white wine vinegar
Put the tomato and celery in a blender and blend for some seconds.
Put the vegetables in a pot together with all the other ingredients and
cook for 1 hour and a half.  It should become smooth and all the liquid should been dried. If it is not so, let gently cook for a little longer.
Let rest at least for a week before using, well the longer the better. 🙂
Chutney Sellery & tomato

This is my entry for this week’s WHB.

Hosted by Haalo from  Cook (almost) Anything
Thank you for hosting, and for managing successfully this event, that is turning 6 years this week.
Thanks to Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen how had this lovely idea.
Thank you also for letting me keep the Italian version.

The new logo is lovely! 🙂

I can leave you without posting some photos of my surroundings can I?
It wouldn’t be like me. 🙂

This is a beautiful Persimmon tree we saw during a walk the other day (when the sun still shone) from Albisano to San Zeno di Montagna.
What colors!
I just love the autumn!

Caco- Persimmon - Diospyros kaki

the view of the lake from San Zeno di Montagna.


and our lovely Monte Baldo! 🙂



1 thought on “Celery and Tomato Chutney – WHB #308 (en)

  1. Lo

    cara Bri…sei proprio te in ogni singola letterina di questo bel post…dolce e saporito e gustoso…aspettando che finisca la pioggia. un bacione


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