Black & White Wednesday – # 17 (en)

The other day I went on a walk to Torri del Benaco.
I was looking for some books about the Garda Lake, and thought I might find something there.
Passing by the castle, I saw that the Persimmon trees where full of fruit.

Persimmon - Sharon Fruit - Kaki

But also a lot of fallen fruit under.
Unfortunately most of the Persimmon isn’t picked, they are just left hanging and when they are mature
they fall to the ground and all the juicy pulp is waisted. 😦
It is such a pity.
Persimmon - Sharon Fruit - Kaki

Persimmon - Sharon Fruit - Kaki

Persimmon - Sharon Fruit - Kaki

Persimmon - Sharon Fruit - Kaki

Persimmon - Sharon Fruit - Kaki

The photos were shot in color and then converted to black and white.


This is my submission to week #17 edition of
Black and White Wednesday – A Culinary Photography Event,
recently launched by Susan of
The Well-Seasoned Cook.


5 thoughts on “Black & White Wednesday – # 17 (en)

  1. simonaskitchensimonaskitchen

    Mi hai fatto ricordare quand’ero bambina ed andavo dalla nonna, che aveva un albero di pomi (qui da noi si chiamano così), era bellissimo! tutti quei pallini arancioni attaccati ai rami! Li raccoglievo e poi non li mangiavo MAI, perchè mi lasciavano la bocca strana! 🙂
    Belle le foto! Simo

  2. Cannella Impazzita

    poveri cachi, tutti soli e abbandonati! eppure secondo me bisognerebbe riempire i parchi di alberi da frutto così che la gente possa usufruirne liberamente…
    bello il blog!
    ci piace!


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