Santa Barbara – Monte Stivo – Santa Barbara (en)

If you want to do a trekking non much difficult and don’t mind the rather long trip getting there.

I suggest this trekking, where you reach Monte Stivo (2058mt)
From there you have a wonderful view of Valle del Sarca, Lago di Toblino, Monte Bondone, Vallagarina, Monte Altissimo di Nago and piece of the Garda Lake.

The Sarca Valley and the end of the Garda lake
View from Monte Stivo (2058mt) over the Sarca valley, Riva and the end of the lake

The Sarca Valley
Sarca Valley with Riva and Arco, Rocchetta on the back

Lago Toblino and Monte Bondone
view from MOnte Stivo (Lago di Toblino-Monte Bondone)


View of Vallagarina from Monte Stivo

Altissimo di Nago and the Ledro Alps
view of Altissimo - Alpi di Ledro from Le Prese

Total lenght: ca 10km
Height difference: 847mt
Time: ca 3hours
Refuge. Prospero Marchetti (Stivo)
Please call Matteo Calzà or check out web site
If the refuge is open or not.

To get to Santa Barbara:
Take the road to Val di Gresta,
near Lago di Loppio, between Nago and Mori
Direction Ronzo-Chienis (12km) after Ronzo, follow the signs
indicating Santa Barbara.
Turn right at the first road, and go further up and park near the little bar St. Antonio in Loc. Pessina.

View of Monte Stivo from Santa Barbara
view of Monte Stivo

Then follow the path SAT 608/B to Loc. Le Prese (1480mt)
This will take you ca40min.
Le prese, half way up
I suggest a little rest here, before going further
(not more then 10min)
Now follow the Sat N°608, you can see the Refuge almost on top of the mountain.
At the crossroad (SAT N° 623/608) your are almost at
Malga Stivo (1748mt)

and here I suggest the second stop.
Note more then 10min, but it is a good idea to eat something.
From here to the Refuge you have ca 30min of walk and a height difference of 300mt in less then 2km.

<a href=”; title=”Rif. P. Marchetti (Stivo) by briiblog, on Flickr”><img src=”; width=”500″ height=”284″ alt=”Rif. P. Marchetti (Stivo)”></a>
It is a good idea to go to the top before stopping at the refuge.

From the refuge back down you can follow the Sat N°608 going down on the right (starts right ahead of the Refuge) or when you are at the edge over the Gere dello Stivo, going straight down (rather tough, though) to Le Prese.
From the Le Prese you can follow the same way back or, follow Sat N° 608 to the ruins of Castel Del Castil, here you turn left and follow the little road back down to Santa Barbara. You will come out at the Centro Ippico Abete Rosso, which is next to the bar St. Antonio.

If you visit Monte Stivo with snow, follow the tracks on the LEFT of Malga Stivo. Don’t do as we did last year, heading up the direct way. That was very very tough! 🙂
monica in salita con neve


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