Black & White Wednesday – # 13 (en)

This week end I guided a German group.                                        That’s very tough, because you must be available 12 hours a day every day they stay here. But it is also very interesting, you get to know people from different places (these came from Schwarzwald – the Black Forrest) and together with the group you visit new places.

Like this time, we went to the famous Wine District Valpolicella, but not in the usual places like, Jago Valley, Negrar or Sant’Ambrogio, no, this time we went visit the
Azienda Agricola Gamba in the Marano Valley.

Amarone Gamba

Ah, do you know what Valpolicella means?
Well, nobody really knows but the most interesting version is that it comes from Latin and means
“the valley of many cellars” – Val Poli Cela.
I read that in Francesco Quintarelli’s book “Valpolicela” and Sunday Giuseppe Aldrighetti confirmed it, buy telling the same story to my group. 😀

This year’s grapes will give superior Valpolicella wines,it has rained a lot this spring, and the summer has been warm and dry, simply perfect!
When we visit the grapes was already plucked and putted in wooden boxes to dry.
Amarone grapes

Amarone grapes

This process will take 5 months and then, the grapes will lose ca 30% of their weight (water) but will be so sweet, strong and perfumed.


Then thy will be pressed and the wine stored in wooden barriques for at least 2 years.
(they usually imported from France)

They will give an Amarone worth waiting for! :-DD

An other very interesting thing I read,
(I like to be informed before visiting, then I understand better and I can also help translating and explaining)
was that almost all the Valpolicella grapevines Vitis Vinifera are engrafted on an American vinestock, the Vitis Labrusca because it is more resistant to the Peronospora or
Downey Mildew
But if you let the Vitis Labrusca grow it will not give you any good wine, but very very tasty grapes.
Condor (fox) grapes 😀

After all the talking, listening and walking we where very very thirsty, so everybody looked forward to the wine tasting!
Wine tasting

the photos were shot in color and then converted to black and white


This is my submission to week #13 edition of
Black and White Wednesday – A Culinary Photography Event,
recently launched by Susan of
The Well-Seasoned Cook.

2 thoughts on “Black & White Wednesday – # 13 (en)

  1. Susan

    Fantastic shots of thousands and thousands of grapes. The textures are gorgeous. I just want to get my fingers caught among all those clusters.

    Thanks, Brii, for this fine BWW shot.


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