Quiche with brussels sprouts – WHB #302 (en)

It has been a week full of events.
September and October are the two last months of the season, and I admit I’m a little tired.
Not just physically but also my mind is tired.

This week also was important for me, because I tried the Guiding exam again. It did not go well, I didn’t pass (again!) and as this was the 5th(!!) time I tried it, this was also the last time. No use wasting time and energy in something I can’t achieve, probably I’m to stupid or simply to old to study. Anyway, I have learned a lot, somethings useful for my work, others less 🙂
But it has been an interesting experience.

This week’s trekking took me to Monte Fubia where
we could not reach the top, because the wind was to hard.
But we had a magnificent view anyway
This is Malcesine


This is the north part of the Garda Lake, under you can see
Navene, and in front Limone. On the far end you have Riva on the left, Monte Brione in the middle and Torbole on the right.

view of the lake from m. fubia 2011

We also went in a gorge to see a huge rock, stuck in the upper part of the gorge.


in fondo al vaio

It is incredible and I admit I was a little bite frightened to go under the rock
to see if there was an opening. uuuuuuh!


This is Franz looking for an alternative way to get out.

Franz under the Balòc

But the view of the lake above the river bed was, as always beautiful.
The Island is Trimelone, and you can see Campione in front
(above you have Tremosine on your right and Tignale on you left.)

view of the lake from balòc

An other very special place to visit is Madonna della Corona.
It is a church built in a rock more then 700 mt high. It is impressive to see it coming from the road above, but I assure you that climbing the 1900 steps from Brentino under is something you will not forget. 🙂

Madonna della Corona

Quiche with brussels sprouts

quiche salsiccia e cavoletti3

You need:

1 package of puff pastry
4-5 red onions
20 small brussels sprouts
2 eggs
100ml of liquid whipped cream
70g of grated Parmesan
70g of grated Emmental (or other hard tasty cheese)
100g of Crescenza (or other soft cheese)
extra vergin olive oil
nutmeg, paprika, salt and pepper

Quiche with brussels sprouts

Put the puff pastry in a mould.
In a pan pour some olive oil and gently fry the chopped onions. When ready put aside and let cool.
In the meanwhile boil some water in a pot, insert the steam basket and the brussels sprouts. Steam for 5-7min (dipends how big they are, let them remain crunchy)
When ready, rinse under cold water and let cool.
Whisk the eggs together with the grated and the soft cheese and the liquid cream. Season with the species, salt and pepper.
Put the onion on the bottom of the puff pastry, pour over the mixture of cheese and them drown delicately the brussels sprout in the mixture.
Bake in preheated oven 200°C for 35-40min. Cover if the Brussels sprouts get to brown.

Quiche with brussels sprouts

I send this to my dear friend, Astrid from Paulchen’s Foodblog

hosting this week’s WHB.
Thank’s Astrid for hosting!
thank’s to Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen and
Haalo, Cook (almost) anything at least once

who have given my the chance to

3 responses to “Quiche with brussels sprouts – WHB #302 (en)

  1. The views you experienced are breathtaking! And your quiche looks delicious.

  2. Thank you Colline, I’m lucky, I live in an enchanting place.

  3. That quiche looks amazing! I am a sucker for Brussel sprouts.



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