Black & White Wednesday – # 11 (en)

Today it is 21th of September, the Winter Solstice.
From now on days will really get shorter, mornings and evenings will get darker and chillier and the midday sun will have a hard time warming us up.
The olives on our olive trees are  slowly turning from green to purple.
The olive tree is such a beautiful and strong tree, it can
live for 2000 years when it finds a suitable place.
It is a tipical Mediterranean plant but grows as north as Torbole on the Garda lake.
Our trees are between 20 and 40years, not much but it is
a nice thought knowing they will still be here even when
we will all be gone.
To have a garden teaches you to have patience, to be thankful, to enjoy every moment.





The photos were shot in black and white.


This is my submission to week #11 edition of
Black and White Wednesday – A Culinary Photography Event,
launched by Susan of
The Well-Seasoned Cook.


15 responses to “Black & White Wednesday – # 11 (en)

  1. Grazie SuperAlee, stasera dormo senza pastiglie. sono copà 🙂

  2. Gli ulivi mi sono sempre piaciuti: sono alberi rassicuranti.
    Ci fai sapere come e’ andata o ancora non lo sai?

  3. Amo moltissimo le foglie degli olivi mossi dal vento.
    Il colore verde argento delle foglie che si muovono nel vento è bellissimo.
    Come qui, a Malcesine l’altro giorno…

  4. accantoalcamino

    Senti un pò..hai il “pezzo di carta” o no? Un abbraccio 🙂

  5. accantoalcamino

    Va bene lo stesso, ti do io il diploma 😉
    Un bacione.

  6. Lovely words about your olive trees and beautiful photos!

  7. Beautiful! Olive trees are so photogenic.



  8. Beautiful photos! I love the way the light comes through the trees and highlights the olives 🙂

  9. Next month we will start the harvest.
    When you walk through olive tree fields, you will hear people talking, exchanging thoughts, singing while picking olives.
    People will stop working to say hello, they will offer you some wine together with some gentle words.
    The air will be filled with the perfume of squeezed olives.
    And all this makes you grateful to exist.
    Thank you for passing by.

  10. Delicate and fruitful, Brii. Very pretty. I never see olive trees in my part of the U.S. (figs, yes), so these are a special treat. Thank you for sharing for BWW.

  11. You’re completely correct with this piece

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