oat and vegetable soup –

here I am, arriving around the corner just before closing 😀
I liked the idea of the event of healing food, the moment I read about it on Simona’s blog – Bricole
and then I forgot all about it!!

So, Brii stop loosing time and write!

Oat and vegetable soup

the soup is perhaps nothing special, the funny thing is the cooking method
it is baked in the oven! 🙂

zuppa di verdure e avena - oat and vegetable soup

you need:
with this preparation you will get 7 jars of 300gr each

2 shallots
vegetable stock cube
200gr of carrots
250gr of zucchinis
300gr of whole oats grains
1,5l of water
salt and pepper
fresh basil for decoration

how to do:

chop the shallots and let it gently fry with some oil, and a tablespoon of vegetable stock in a pan.
add the copped zucchinis, carrots and the washed whole oats. pour over the water, salt and pepper and mix.
pour this mixture equally in your jars,
put them on a baking tray and the in a preheated oven at 230°C- 446°F for 40min.

serve with some fresh basil leaves. be careful managing the hot jars when serving.

zuppa di verdure e avena - oat and vegetable soup

using the oven- method you can also preserve the soup for a long time:
put the jars in a baking tray with high borders
bake the soup for 20min in the oven at 230°C-446°F,
then close the jars with the lid,
add water (lukewarm) in the tray (to half the jar) and bake 30min at 100°C- 212°F
now you can store your soup for 6 months in a cool, dark and dry place

this recipe goes to Simona that holds this month’s  Healing Foods event

Heathy grains
and to Cooking with Siri’s Healing foods event page


5 thoughts on “oat and vegetable soup –

  1. Simona

    That is a very interesting cooking method, Brii: I had never seen it before. You know, the grain in the logo is oat: on the left before and on the right after toasting. I’ll definitely try your soup. Thank you so much for contributing the recipe to Healing Foods!

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