Borlotti bean salad – MLLA #37

incredible, MLLA turns 4 years! Congratulations Susan!
I often read the recipes published even if I seldom participate.
the recipes gives my inspiration for cooking vegetarian for my youngest daughter.
everybody how are vegetarian or live with a vegetarian, knows the difficulties in the beginning.
when Sofi (daughter n°4) decided, almost 3 years ago, to become vegetarian, all except me disagreed.
but, I think it is right to try, if it doesn’t work, if it would be a problem, one can always turn back.
nothing is forever if you don’t want it to. 😀

so, Thursday when I went picking up my weekly share of vegetables, in of the boxes I found some
Borlotti beans. Borlotti beans are so beautiful raw. have you ever notice?
it is a pity they get all grey when you cook them! :-DD

Borlotti bean salad with Mustard-Jogurt sauce

insalata di fagioli borlotti - Borlotti bean salad

you need
400gr of fresh Borlotti beans
1 red onion
2 carrots
1 cucumber
1 red bell pepper
4-5 tomatoes

for the sauce
250gr of low fat white yogurt
some drops of apple vinegar
salt and pepper

serve with some leaves of fresh Rucola

insalata di fagioli borlotti - Borlotti bean salad

cook the beans. leave the a little “crunchy” not to over cooked.
I steamed them with the Thermomix 23min Temp. Varoma(steam) speed: 3-4
let cool down, and in the meanwhile clean, peel and chop the vegetables for the rest of the salad
prepare the sauce, mixing the ingredients. put in the fridge to cool.

put the cooled beans in the salad and season with sauce and rucola.
serve and enjoy 🙂
insalata di fagioli borlotti - Borlotti bean salad

this is my entry to MLLA #37 held by
Susan from the well seasoned cook
all details here


3 thoughts on “Borlotti bean salad – MLLA #37

  1. Simona

    I turned vegetarian one day and then one day, 12 years later, I ate some bresaola. As you say, you can always change in either direction. Being vegetarian is a great experience. So, go Sofi!
    I love borlotti beans and you are right, it is a bit of a disappointment to see them turn uniformly gray when cooked. But they are good! Very nice summer salad.

  2. brii Post author

    good morning, Simona!
    my biggest problem in the beginning was if she ate enough proteins.
    but it is a good experience for me too, learning to cook differently.
    it is a pity you can’t eat the raw! 😀

  3. Susan

    Fresh borlotti, pods and seeds, are very beautiful. Yes, it is a shame that so many beans lose their wonderful colors and markings when cooked. All the same, they are a great cornerstone to your lovely salad.

    Thank you, Bri, for sharing it for MLLA!


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