ananas jam with rosemary – WHB #265

days are so grey and cold lately, and I’m so longing for the spring.

penisola di sirmione 2 jan  2010

basso lago 2 jan 2010
view of the lake from home

but just one look at my Mahonia, even with snow on it’s leaves, makes my smile.
it is full of butts, and it tells my nothing can stop the spring from coming,
it just question of time.


the lust of spring and of yellow colour, the perfume of the rosemary, the only herb still life and strong, made me make this jam.

ananas jam with rosemary

ananas jam with rosmary - confettura di ananas e rosmarino

500gr of ananas peeled and diced
2 sprigs of rosemary
200gr of sugar*
5-7gr of pectin**

ananas jam with rosmary - confettura di ananas e rosmarino

put the diced ananas and the rosemary in a pot and cook slowly for ca one hour.
now and then mix delicately.
let cool and rest over the night in a cool place.
the next day, add the sugar and the pectin and put to cook again.
let  take a strong boil, mixing all the time let cook for 5-7min
skip the rosemary and pour in clean jars, close lids and put up side down to cool compleately.
will conserve for one year.
it is delicious on hard whole grain bread

ananas jam with rosmary - confettura di ananas e rosmarino

*-** you can add more sugar and skip the pectin if you prefer a sweeter jam
*-** add 120gr of sugar and 10gr of pectin if you prefer a bitter jam.

 I send this recipe to Haalo hosting this week’s herbal blogging
I wish to thank Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen
for the WHB idea
for giving me the chance to try doing

3 thoughts on “ananas jam with rosemary – WHB #265

  1. Simona

    Che idea carina, questa marmellata! Qui in questi giorni c'e' il sole, ma fa freddo. Anch'io voglio la primavera.

  2. brii

    @simona, sta arrivando! si sente nell'aria! :-DDDsai che è davvero buona? ero un po' titubante, ma il dolce dell'ananas si sposa benissimo con il profumo del rosmarino che si sente appena vuoi un gusto più marcato metti qualche cucchiaio di grappa al rosmarino. faccio così quando voglio gusti più decisi :-D@anna, this come out really nice. I love the pieces of pineapple in it! 😀 it is difficult to jellify fresh pineapple when it is cooked it behaves as all other fruit. I did forget this on new years eve, I made a coconut-pineapple yoghurt mousse . but it came out a disaster!! the fresh pineapple liquified the jelly!! horrible!! fortunately someone else had brought Panettone and Pandoronew year eves dinner was safe!! :-DDDDbaciusss


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