happy new year!

Did the old year leave you with sadness?
did the old year leave you with happiness?

either way, it depends on us how this new year will turn out.
I love the 1st january each year, it fills me with so much hope for the future
I love the dreaming, hoping, praying
I love the glow in the eyes of others when we greet each other

for me, for us I wish that some of the things we started will turn out right!
perhaps this is the year, perhaps not and then it means we still must wait
but as all garden lovers know, waiting hoping is part of life
I adore waiting, longing for the Spring
I can almost smell it in the air!
you have notice that the days are getting longer, aren’t you?

and this incredible lake offers us flaming sunset almost every evening.

to all of you, I wish a sparkling, happy, prosperous year.

may our fatigue help us grow and improve
my our sorrow help us stay closer to those we love
may our memory help us never forget.

bardolino 29 dic 2010


sunset 3 jan 2010

and this is for you dear husband! cheers!!



and this is for my dear friend Joan,
happy birthday Joan

The Lake Garda with San Vigilio and the Mount Pizzocolo behind.

san vigilio, pizzocolo dal Ceriel 4 jan 2011

2 thoughts on “happy new year!

  1. Ivy

    Ηappy New Year dear Brii. I wish you all the happiness and all your drams will come true this year.Is your husband working with photovoltaics?


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