Mostarda Veneta – WHB#260

this is so exciting!
the WHB is turning 5 years.
I’m a contributor now and then since a little more then 2 years.
my first post was
my first time, like this week Haalo was hosting, 
and now 
 Haalo has agreed to expanding 
the Herbal Weekend Blogging,
so from WHB # 261 there will
be an Italian Version.
me on my italian blog 
is the proud, excited and nervous
I wish to thank Kalyn for this more and more interesting idea
and Haalo for her love, care and availability
every week of herbal blogging.

my entry for this week is an old recipe from the Veneto region,
the Italian region
that is hosting me since almost 30years.

Mostarda Veneta

boild fruit in a spicy syrup.

mostarda veneta

you need:
250gr of peeled and cubed quince
250gr of peeled and cubed pears
250gr of peeled and cubed Golden Delicious apples
80gr of candid lemon and oranges peels
1 l of white wine dry
ca 250-300gr of sugar
drops of mustard essence

cook separately the fruit covered with wine.
the pears and the apples will take about 15min
the quince 30-35min (important to cut the quince
in small cubes, will cook quicker)
when the fruit is all mashed put together and let cook 
until the wine is evaporated.
add the candid fruit and the sugar.
the sugar is of personal taste, I don’t
like very sweet jams so I don’t put
much, try you way out, by tasting and adding.

at this point you can choose,
leave it as a different tasting jam 
(the wine gives it a warm touch)
or add some drops of mustard essence
and make a real Mostarda Veneta.

mostarda veneta

there are two things a little difficult to find
the quince, a sort of old fashion apple
that once grow in every garden, and
no is so hard to find to buy.
I had to go all the way to Padua to buy my tree.
the other thing important for  this 
“mustard, is the essence of mustard seeds
it is an alcoholic distillation, it is very
you have to use plastic gloves, adding the essence outside, turning your face
the other way.
the “smell” makes your eyes cry, burns you nose and 
the touch makes your hands burns for hours after.
it is extremely important to add the essence
when your jam is cold.
there is no problem to store after, the essence
will preserve your mustard for years after.

it is perfect with cheese or boiled meat

the first time it was mentioned (in Italy) was in 1397, when the Duke of Milan,
Gian Galeazzo Visconti asked for a mustard for his Christmas banquette.
it comes from the Latin “mustum ardens” and means “burning must”
the very very burning spicey flavour of the mostarda comes from an essence made of mustard seeds.
in Italy we use the
berhaps you will know the sinapsi nigra o sinapsi arvensis (charlock).
here we can find the essence of mustard, which probably will be difficult to find abroad,

to make something similar by your one:
add 5gr of ground mustard seeds (yellow if possible, less strong) in 2dl of water, vhite wine or vinegar of white wine( they are placed in order of strenght, were the vinegar is the strongest)
add this to you marmelade and mix well.
here you can read more about italian mostarda

the wind is blowing this Sunday evening on the Garda Lake, it has been raining hard all day
my pots are full of water 😀

3 thoughts on “Mostarda Veneta – WHB#260

  1. Simona

    Bellissimi i tuoi vasetti di mostarda veneta. E' una di quelle cose che vorrei provare a fare, quindi ti ringrazio per la ricetta. Se puo' consolarti, piove a catinelle anche qui.

  2. Claudia

    Awesome recipe. I love making preserves of what we grow (including wine – a preserved fruit juice?) and want to try this conserve with mustard. Will have to use the seeds, and grind them as we can't get that essence of mustard here.


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