Light Shortbread crust cake with prune jam and rice pudding – WHB #257

Autumn is here!! rain falling almost every day, leaves falling from the trees, sky grey and clouds dark blue…dark blue like are beautiful lake!
this is how it looked like this morning,

last morning of October 2010

The hill you see in the far end is the Rocca di Manerba, and I was there today.
I was invited to lunch by some blogger friends,
but unfortunately it rained so much, so hard
I couldn’t take any photos of the other side of the Rocca.

but I can show you the beauty of this side in the early morning,
when the sun slowly rise and
illuminate Bardolino and the San Vigilio, leaving Garda in the shadow.

morning 29 octb 2010

now, that I’m not working anymore, I adore sit and wait for the sun to rise..
or like in these last days…sit and admire that fireball lightning all the sky and colouring the lake with it’s warm red nuances.

sunset 29 octb 2010

it is marvelous, and it helps me calm down after these last frenetic months.
I’m studying again, trying to pass the guide exam for the forth time, probably I will not pass neither this time.
to much to study, to little time to prepare, but I realize that anyway for me it is good.
I learn a lot, and it is a help to do guiding better.


spiegando, ripspiegando..quanto adoro quel cartello!

I really like guiding! 😀

Light Shortbread crust cake
 with prune jam and rice pudding

light shortbread crust with prune jam and rice pudding

I do apologize for the long name, I don’t know how you call Pasta Frolla in English
and the shortbread is very similar.

the recipe is from my dear friend Alejandra, and I made just one change
I used Soy “milk” to cook the rice instead of cow milk.
I made this vegan cake for two dear friends of mine, Alice and Crii
they said it was very good, so I share it with you!

you need:
for the shortbread crust
190gr of plain flour
75gr of apple juice (room temp)
50gr of vegetal oil (I used sunflower)
2 tsp of baking powder

for the rice pudding:
500ml of soy milk
85gr of rice
a pinch of salt

prepare the dough for the crust(it is rather stitchy but that’s right),
by combining all the ingredients.
but some baking paper in a mould and stretch the dough inside.
cover with prune jam (mine was a prune jam with rosemary)

prepare the rice pudding: put the milk to boil, when it is boiling pour the rice inside and cook ca 12min (it depends of the kind of rice, it should not be to boild)

let cool a little, so the rice will absorb all of the milk and become a kind of pudding.
pour over the prune jam and put the crust cake in a preheated oven at 180°C and cook
for ca 40min.
store in a covered box or bowl, if not the crust will soften.

frolla light4

* if you jam is sweet, put less sugar in the dough

here is the pic nic basket ready to go 😀

frolla light6

this week’s herbal blogging is hosted by Chriesi from Almond Corner
Than you Chriesi for hosting.

thank’s to Kalyn  who created this great event and
thank’s to Haalo who now managing it all 🙂


6 thoughts on “Light Shortbread crust cake with prune jam and rice pudding – WHB #257

  1. Ivy

    Ciao Brii. Your pictures are beautiful. I just discovered something very funny. We make pasta frolla in Greece as well but who knows since when this cake has been made here that the name has changed and is called pasta Flora. Flora is a name and I thought that it was a cake made by someone named Flora. I love this cake and haven't made it for ages. What does frolla mean?

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