mushroom in vinegar-pickled mushrooms – WHB #256

some days ago I went  with my dear friend Simoo in the woods looking for mushrooms.
this was the first time for me, so it wasn’t that easy seeing them at the beginning.
but once I understood how they looked like and where to look it was easy! 😀

Mafioi on tree log
mafioi su tronco

my friend Simoo

il bottino di simoo

me looking for mushrooms!

brii in cerca di funghi

I know only the name of these mushrooms in italian dialect
you can’t eat them raw, they are very bitter (I tried :D)
you should boil them briefly before using them.



mushrooms in vinegar

mushrooms in vinegar

you need:

red wein viegar
bay leaf
pepper grains

mushrooms in vinegar

clean the mushrooms and if they are big, cut in even parts

put the spices in the vinegar and cook for 4-5min then add the mushrooms
15-20 sec if very small, 3-4min if they are big like champignons.
drain the mushrooms and let them dry a little between tablecloths.
let the vinegar cool.
when the vinegar is cold, put the mushrooms in a clean jar and pour over
don’t put on any lid, just let marinate without for 2 days in a cool place.
then, drain the mushrooms again, pour the vinegar in a pot and cook for an other 5min.
put the mushrooms back in one or more clean jars, pour over the vinegar, add some pepper grains ans a piece of bay leaf and close lid.
let rest for 40days in a cool, dry and dark place before serving.

will conserve for at least 6 months.

mushrooms in vinegar

this week’s herbal blogging is hosted by Chris from Mele Cotte
thank you so much Chris for hosting!

hank’s to Kalyn  who created this great event and
thank’s to Haalo who now managing it all 🙂

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