wHB #248 – peach chutney with ginger and fresh chili

I’m being very lazy lately, in the kitchen that is :))) outside it is very different,
trekking or biking mostly of the time.
fortunately it is still August and I’m more or less on “holiday”.
this will end tomorrow, when I start guiding again. will be a very tough month 🙂
the rest of the family is working/studying and are rarely home at lunch..

being lazy in the kitchen means you have to engage your self somewhere else…
I do tablescaping!
so, when the table is set pretty and nice,
 the food can be less sophisticated,
 even the same dish served twice in a raw
 tastes different when the tablescape is different.

this was breakfast this morning

breakfast 29 august 2010

dinner yesterday evening

tablescape for flo & me

lunch for 5

Tablescape in Blue & Orange

dinner alone the other night
dinner alone1

dinner with one of my sons niki, just the two of us

niki & me 1

this recipe I found in my dear friend Genny’s blog

as I adore chutneys I absolutely had to try.
I used a different variety of peach (prunus persica) called Percoca
they are yellow hard and they are not downey, 
they are not that good to eat fresh,
 but perfect to make jams, juices and creams. 
I didn’t put the red bell pepper
 as the original recipe and used fresh chili instead of dried ones.

Peach chutney with ginger and fresh chili

Chutney percocche e peperoncino fresco

you need:

2kg of peaches or percoche
4 fresh chilis (if they are big as mine in the photo)
1 tsp mustard seed
2 green cardamon seeds
10cm of ginger (I love ginger!)
juice of 2 lemons
340gr of sugar
2 small cinnamon sticks

Chutney percocche e peperoncino fresco

in a big pan put all the seeds (mustard, cardamon) and let toast for a couple of minutes (not to much,
 the mustard begin popping up and out 
and the cardamon gets a bitter taste)
add the rest of the ingredients and let take a boil. 
cook gently for 25min then put away in a cool place till net day. 
(don’t leave the chutney in the pan, 
put in a glass or plastic bowl over the night)
the next day, finish cooking aprox an other 30min.
remove the ginger and the cinnamon.
pour in clean sterilized jars, close the lid tight and let cool up side down-
let rest in a cool, dark and dry place for at least 15 days perfore serving
(it is hard, I know I know :DDDD)

Chutney percocche e peperoncino fresco

very nice with chicken, ham and cheese.

I wish you a nice week with this evening’s sunset

isola di san biagio - rocca di manerba 29 august 2010

this recipe goes to my dear friend Astrid from 
who kindly is hosting this week’s herbal blogging.
thank you for hosting Astrid! 

thank’s to Kalyn  who created this great event and
thank’s to Haalo who now managing it all 🙂


2 thoughts on “wHB #248 – peach chutney with ginger and fresh chili

  1. brii

    sai che è la prima volta che facevo un chutney senza aceto.ero troppo curiosa provare e devo dire che viene ottima!grazie ancorabaciusssps. non parlarmi di droga…questo fine settimana ho fatto la confettura di pesche alla salvia e prugne al rosmarino.:)))


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