Pink Saturday – some pink as decoration

it has been a very busy week, an important birthday, 
trekking programs for September to finish and a lot of garden work.
time run away very quickly and so it is Saturday again..
and we are hosted by Beverly and her
inspiring Pink Saturday!
Dont’ forget to check out the other pink saturday bloggers! 😀

to light up a brown tablescape, why not
use Pink Oleander Flowers?
use a low, large brown plate
fill with Pink Oleander flowers
put very very close, they should try
to bulk out of the container 🙂
surround the flowers with foliage of
Oxalis Articulata, they are almost
heartshaped with a redish center.
looks so good together don’t you think?

pink oleander & oxalis articulata

pink oleander & oxalis articulata

Happy Birthday dear Simooo 🙂

happy birthday simoooo


gold 17 august 2010

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