92th Tablescape Thursday – Olive green

my favurite coloure is green1
green in any shade, any nuance..
so it is quite natural that one of my favurite plants is the
evergreen Olive Tree! :))
Usually I use the olives to make oil,  the leaves to make health preparations..
but today, when I saw the olive brances full of small perfumed flowers..I thoght
“why not use them for decoration”
so I did!
tablescape olive
tablecloth: a courtain from Ikea
plates: clearance sale at Ikea (0,49eu each)
glasses: bought in a supermarket
flatware: clearance sale
ceramic jar: inheretance
salt and pepper: found in a swedish shop
lippia citrodora
plate with lemon verbena (lippia citrodora)
here is some interesting recipe with olives and olive leaves.
Olive infusion for high pressure
pick olive leaves at any time of the year.
it is important that the olive tree is not treated with pesticides.
let dry for a week or so in the sun.
or put your leaves on a ovenplate and let dry for 2 hours in a slightly warm oven (ca 50°C )
crushed them and keep them in a glass jar.
to prepare the olive infusion
boil 1 cup of water with one full tablespoon of dry crushed olive leaves.
let boil for 15min then turn of the fire.
filter and drink when it is lukewarm.
drink two cups a day for a long period,
this helps you keeping under controll high pressure.
sciroppo per la febbre
olive tincture for fever
prepare this olive tincture , it is a good help in case of some lines of fever.
20 fresh olive leaves
2,5dl of alcool 70%
(it could be difficult to find this alcool, but you can use the normal 95% and diluite it
2,5dl alcool 95% and add 97,5 cl of water)
let in infusion for 10 days in dark place.
after that filter and keep the tincture in a dark glass bottle.
when necessary take 20-30 drops of olive tincture mixed in a cup of luekwarm eater.
the taste is rather bitter, so it can be necessary to sweetnen with 1 small spoon of honey.
grappa alle olive
Simonetta’s Olive Grappa
and for you that are healthy and feel strong..
I suggest this easymaking and easydrinking grappa :))

this an old reciepe that my dear friend Simonetta has given me.
she is a friend but also my organicfarmer.
every week I go to her and Franco to buy season organic vegtables and fruit.
we talk and exchange ideas, suggestions and recipes.

be sure you use organic coltivated olives to do this grappa.
500gr of di olive
1 liter of natural not aromatizied grappa (if you don’t find gappa you can use an other spirit, it is important that it’s not more than 40% strong)
400gr of caster sugar
the peel of one organic orange
3 0 4 Juniper berries (if you find wild ones, use them..they are much stronger in taste)
3 o 4 cloves
put all the ingredients in a big jar.
toss a little and then leave it marinate in a dark place for 40 days
filter, pour in a glass..drink and enjoy!!
thank’s Simonetta… 

enjoy! and don’t forget to drop by at Susan’s to see the other tablescapers!!

3 thoughts on “92th Tablescape Thursday – Olive green

  1. Johanna

    Hi, your tablescape is lovely. Sitting on that table would made me dream of the olive groves in Tuscany, the nice bread and olive oil and a little glass red wine. Thank you for sharing this recipes. Olives has different healing ingredients. Once my father got an ekzem during vacation in Italy and the doctor told him to use olive oil to heal it. And it worked. So simple.Greetings, Johanna

  2. Michelle @ Sweet Something

    Just beautiful! Green is one of my favorite colors too, I usually am obsessed with apple green, but kelly green is becoming a favorite {right now}! I love the olive branch on the white plate, great job!


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