WHB #196 – pickeled watermelon cubes

ciao and welcome to this week’s herbal blogging.
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thank’s Anh for hosting!!
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and now kept by
haalo .
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I always try not to throw away things that can be useful.
anything that can be eaten or composteed, I keep.
some things you just have to throw away
even if it is a pity, like eggeshells
but eggshells is not good for the soil,
producing to much chalk and limestone (calcite).
for a while I used them in the Thermomix,
some eggshells, water and the turbo.
it got so clean and beautiful inside!
but, disintegrating the eggshell became like powder
limestone powder that attached to all the parts of the motor.
terrible to get away!!
sooo, no more using eggshells for cleaning!
in the last years I always made jams of the watermelon peels we left over.
but in one of my preserve recipe books
I found this recipe that thrilled me.
sooooo, why not try it! :)))
pickeled watermelon cubes
recipe from:
“preserves, jams, pickles and liqueurs”
Lindy Wildsmith

bucce D

you need:
300gr of watermelon peel
100ml of white vinegar
150gr of sugar
5 whole ground cloves
1 piece of ground cinnamon
1 piece of fresh ginger (crushed)
clean the peel, eliminate the red part left over and cut in small cubes.
put the watermelon cubes in a bowl
pour over the vinegar and 100ml of water and let rest over the night.
the next day let strain in a colander, and put on a dishcloth
for a couple of hours to dry.
in the meanwhile prepare the sirup:
350ml of water, 150gr of sugar and all the spices.
let cook for 10min, until the sugar is melted,
and the add the watermelon cubes.
cook for 3 minutes, and the then remove them with a skimmer.
put the cubes in small clean glass jars.
let the sirup cook until it withdraws until half
remove the spices,
and pour over the watermelon cubes.
close the lid and put away.
conserve in a cool, dark and dry place for one month before using.
this is very nice together with smooked ham or
ovencooked ham, or try with cheese.
deliciuos!! :)))
bucce mix 1

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