WHB #187 – bulghur and quinoa salad

ciao and welcome to this week’s herbal blogging
we are in the kitchen of katie – Eat this
thank’s katie for hosting.

this herbal idea is kalyn‘s,
and now kept by haalo.
thank’s both of you :)if you would like to join, please read the rules
to know the order of hosting please read here

I feel a little guilty, I started this blog…
immagining me filling it with my ideas, thoughts and recipes…

notturna brii

but, my guiding job is taking all my time and my energy,
so I reduce myself posting just one recipe a week..
for the herbal blogging I loke so much 🙂
and there is sooooo many other interessting round-ups in the bloggosphere …

yesterday evening I was invited to a Mediaval dinner…it was very fun!
we eat from plates made of bread, using cutlery in wood..
we were intertinted by knights, jugglers, lady dancing to medival music…and of course
there were the “fire breathers”…they didn’t “eat” the fire,
they blow on it and made huge flames
all around in the old streets of this antic village – Affi ( Affius in latin)
were people dressed medieval and doing crafts in medieval way.
it was very interessting, especially the guy that coloured cotton…
he showed me from what he got some of his colours,….
f.ex…did you know that from dried barch of the pomegranate, you will get a beautiful orange colour?
that from dried junipers berries..you get brown colour…not blue or black as I though…
and this…this is fantastic!
from dried cochineal …you get a incredible redishpurple colour.???
read also here…I found out last evening :)))

this recipe is very easy…and that is good sometimes 🙂

insalata tiepida di bulghur e quinoa

blughur and quinoa salad

serves 3 (mother and 2 teenager doughters :)))

125gr of bulghur and quinoa
1 piece of leek
1 onion
1 zucchina (zucchini)
1 yellow pepper
4-5 sundried tomatoes
vegetal stock cube (will try to post my home made stock cube a.s.a.p.)
some sellery leaves
extravergin olive oil
red wine
grated peel of a grapefruit (optional)

cook the bulghur and the quinoa as requested.
mine were precooked and took about 8-9min to finish.
sip and let cool.

clean and cut all the vegetables in small pieces.
put in a pan with some olive oil, add the vegetable cube and pour over thered wine
mixing all the time on high heat let finish cooking, the vegetables schould remain
mix with the bulghur and quinoa, spread over the grated peel and serve.

for not vegetarians add:
150gr of veal or beef carpaccio
cut in slices and let fry for a couple of minutes in some olive oil
mix into the salad and serve.

mu doughters said that the grapefruit peel gave a to bitter touch…
me? I liked it!!! :)))

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