WHB# 179 – Rose Vinegar

ciao and welcome to this week’s herbal blogging!

this week we are in kitty’s kitchen
thank you kitty for hosting! 🙂

this brilliant and very interesting idea is kalyn‘s,
and now kept by haalo.thank’s both of you 🙂
if you would like to join, please read the rules
to know the order of hosting please read

last week I didn’t participate…
we had Easter at my mother-in-law’s and stayed there
all day…eating, talking, playing.
it is nice when all the family gathers 🙂
we were very lucky with the weather..
on Easter Monday I had some dear blogger friends with family at our place.
we should have had a pic nic in the garden…but when we had put all on the blanket..
it started to rain..so we moved on the terrace :))
after lunch…lorenza, cristina and I relaxed talking…
obviously hearing our small talk made alessio and marco fell to sleep!!!
:)))) (criii’s and looo’s companions)
we tought that if we had stopped talking they would wake up…but they keept on sleeping!
it doesn’t seem very comfortable does it??? :)))

sooo..we three went walking in the vally behind our house..

the men didn’t even notice we were gone! :))))


in the evening it started raining again..

so we sat very close, talking, loughing and looking at the stupid photos we had made during the day.

sometimes real friendship can be born on the web!

I’m very happy to have come to acquaintance with crii and loo 🙂 thank’s girls!! :)))

the recipe this week is very simple, and yet very special..

here in April and specially in May…

all the roses begin to flower.f

or this recipe you should use some very perfumed one.

Rose vinegar

you need:

80gr of rose petals

1 liter of white wine vinegar

put the petals in a big jar and pour the vinegar over.

let marinate in a dar and cool place fot at least 10days.

then, filtrate (once or twice as you wish) with coffee filters

pour in bottles and let rest for an other month.


it could be a very nice gift.

use it on cooked vegetables, perfect with boild potatoes for. ex

see you next week at my bloggeraid rachel’s place

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