Culinary tour around the world – Corn Bread, Creole Rosted lamb, Creole black beans

sooooo..this is it!
we are back almost were we started.
I must thank my bloggeraid friend Joan for this wonderful tour.
I’ve learned so much, it has been very stimulating..
visting and tasing food from countries I only read about..
just think about mongolia…very strange, very interesting, very strong.
and I’m sure my family will miss all the strange experiments…
but I must say that they have been great!!
as a matter of fact I had some difficulties with this stop in the deep south…
I asked niki (son n°2)who was in San Diego 2 weeks, some years ago..
I asked gokki (dougther n°3) who was in Florida one month 10 years ago…
“what do you eat in the deep south?”
they answered french fries and hamburgers!!
It can’t be! :)))
so fortunately Joan posted a very illiuminated post on Sunday..
wow, that really helped!!
then I stopped by at Rachel’s and saw a recipe site that could also help me.. arrived 2 new guinee pigs to try everything out..
so here I am…
creole dinner!! :)))

and do you know what??? we all really liked it!

oh yeah! :)))
let the lamb marinate all the night, it helps cooking.
I did the black beans without sausage and rice…(sofi is vegetarian, remember ? :))
I suggest to make the rice the day before and let rest over nigt, it get’s even better!
I used a pressure cooker (2 hours very slowly, starting from dry beans)
if you use the crockpot, i think it is even more tasty!

glenn’s Southern Corn bread

here I some difficulties with the I followed my intuition.

haha…the bread turn out to be super! I’m very satisfied :))

I used cream of tartar instead of chemical yeast, I prefer the taste.

(and saturday I was visting a distillery and when I learned that the cream of tartar is nothing else but wine waste…wow..I like even more! :))))

we had a great fun in the distillery…my dear friend Rosa got drunk only from smelling the aquavit! :))) a tip, from my new friend mister carlo….a good grappa is transparent..if it is means that some chemical colour has been added)

sorry Joan..I got out of track. silly me!!

I wish to thank all particpants that have followed joan in this fantastic culinary trip!!

5 thoughts on “Culinary tour around the world – Corn Bread, Creole Rosted lamb, Creole black beans

  1. Joan Nova

    You found a really good (and different) recipe. Lamb is not something I would have expected but I’m going to try it. Brii, you’ve been a delight throughout. Thank you for your support and companionship.

  2. Ivy

    Sorry I didn’t visit earlier Brii but I was very busy. You did a great job again and you always make so many lovely recipes.

  3. brii

    hello girls!!I’m (almost) jsut back from guiding 40 non interesting schoolars around the lake.this has been quite an experience :)))my dear friends..this journey has been so interesting..and doing it together with you was special.thank you joan for beeing such a perfect host, and for the help during this trip.(and having patience with me)thank you Ivy for allways staying close.I do appreciate you both.:)baciusss


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