culinary tour around the world: Romania

this week Joan invites us in Romania, before even starting I must apologize to my dear friend Cristina, she is from Bucharesti now living in Bologna (italy), I wanted to tell her about our stop in Romania so she could participate, but with so many things on my mind lately I completely forgot, and gave her so little time to organize.
fortunately she is very good at romanian food, sooo…we were all lucky…cristina is on! :)))
probably all of you have read Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula”.. :))
it has not so much to do with Transilvania or Romania as one can think..but it is a good novel.
I liked it very much, and at the time I read all in little time.
my husband who has worked in the shoe business for a long time, has been in Romania from 1989 to 1995.
sometimes when I was complaining about something(anything) he used to say to should come stay in Romania for a would make you change your mind in many things.
he was right of course, and came back once or twice with the pray to do something.
so, together with other mothers in the kindergarten we collected induments and toys that we sent there.
I have dear friends that adopted a little girl found in one of the orphanage they opened after
Ceausescu’s dead. now she is 17years a very strong and beautiful girl.
florian (husband) was most in Suceava in the northeast of Romania, and he allways went by is 24hours of nonstop drive from here (Garda Lake, Italy).
I always sayed he was crazy!!
he visitid also Transilvania and Moldavia, saying that these places are realy very very beautiful
he also liked the food very much, telling me about ciorba a kind of acid soup and tartar, raw meat.
for this stop in Romania I asked Cristina to help me with some recipe, but the time run out and I found myself without some important
to thank Cristina for all her help, I prepared a jam that her grandmother made to her.
quince jam with geranium* leaves
in romanian it is called indushaim
you need:
1 quince
some geranium leaves*
grate the quince with the peel and put all of it (also the apple core) in a pot together with the sugar and the geranium* leaves.
cover with water and cook for aprx 60min.
skip the leaves and pour in clean jars, close the lid and put upside down to cool.
store in a cool dark place.
the botanic name of geranium is pelargonium. in this case use a perfumed pelargonium as
Pelargonium odoratissimum. of course in january it will not be as perfumed as in june, so put 3 leaves instead of 2 🙂
it is delicius!! thank’s cristina :-***

5 thoughts on “culinary tour around the world: Romania

  1. Joan Nova

    Brii – Thanks for meeting me again!!! This is such an interesting story and thanks for the interesting recipe. Very different.

  2. Ivy

    Brii this is a wonderful post. I love quince jam, only this year I made a lot of quince spoon sweet (preserve) also using geranium leaves.

  3. Liliana

    What a wonderful jam – very different than what I am used to. What an interesting post! I also adopted my two daughters from Romania.Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  4. Cristina

    Bri thank you very much for all the kind words. Your quince jam with geranium* leaves looks like as I remmember, your post it is for me like a trip in past 🙂

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