culinary tour around the world: Portugal

Here we are arrived to Portugal!!
joan is taking us around the world preparing different dishes all the way!
well, if there is another country I could move to on the second, that’s Portugal.

My husband worked in the shoe buisness for over 20years, and 5 years of them he worked in Portugal.
finally 6 years ago he took me there!! and I fell in love with the country at once!
we flew to Lisboa and there we rented a car that took us down to the south.
it was 16 of December..and the pelargonium and the bouganvillea were still flowering.
the wind was sweet and warm..and the ocean…the ocean…was immense!
the very southwest part of Portugal is all on the Atlantic..
with it’s freezing water, deep blue colour and huge waves.
we got to Cabo San Vicente…and I wanted to stay there! :)))
the thought that in front of me there was nothing, just the Atlantic..was affascinating.
but all the south part is very very beautiful..from Faro, to, Albufeira, Portimao, Vau, Lagos and Sagres.
to go back to Lisboa, we took to the ocean road…
from Cabo San Vincente to Sines,

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..back in Lisboa…Flo (husband) took me to a very special Cafè.
the Antiga Confetaria de Belèm.
where I tried their very special Pasteis de Bèlem!!

at this moment it is time to thank Rico!!!! :))
Rico came by on the French round up, and as he is a Portugese, I contacted him and asked him to help me with this recipe.
He did!! and dear friends…you can try this favolous pastry too!!
the perfume is the same, and the flavour almost! :))
of course the original recipe is a secret..but this is very very close!
Obligada again Rico!! :-**
here we gooooo!

Pastéis de Belém

Collaboration of Alita Ferreira

Ingredients:250 grs Sugar

1/2 ltr milk

6 yolks

70 grs of bread without crust

1 pkt Puff Pastry

Cinammon to taste

Flour a large surface area and roll out the puff pastry to about 1 1/2 cms thick, than form a roll with the pastry, and cut circles about 2 cm thick put each roll flat on the bottom of the metal cooking cases (which you would have previously rubbed with margarine, and with your thumb wet (keep a glass by your side) turning the case around press the pastry working it’s way up the sides of the case until it reaches the top, (this is the secret for the perfect pastry case.blend all the ingredients with the aid of a blender (so the sugar,milk “full fat”, bread, yolks, and cinnamon) I would also add a little lemon zest, fill all the cases to near the top leaving about 1 cm space, take to the oven at 200celcius until it starts nearly burning at the top..and that’s it they are done.
serve warm, as they do in the cafè 🙂

just one thing..try them! :)))

see you next week in Romania!!!

6 thoughts on “culinary tour around the world: Portugal

  1. Joan Nova

    Brii, Thanks for taking us on trip to Portugal with you as you remembered it from your visit. The photo of Cabo San Vicente is beautiful…as are these pastries!

  2. fra


  3. brii

    good evenig!@joan..thank you for letting me on! :))it is very interesting!@Ivy…you should go there, it least to try the original pastiès :)@fra…wow!it please me to find new bloggeraid friends. thank you for passing by!@karen…me too! :)))have a nice week, friends :)baciusss

  4. Anna

    I love Portugal too!! It’s a really nice country with so kind people. I was spending time in Monsaraz, a nice small city on a hill top, also in Borba in Alentejo, and of course Lissabon. Would love to go there again! Good food and good wine. 😉 //Anna


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