culinary tour around the world: poland

this week joan with her culinary tour around the world,

and the world food program
takes us to Poland..

I’ve never been there, even if I have Polish friends..
what I know of Poland is that it is a very young and dinamic country.
as a matter of fact a lot of Scandinavian firms has their offices and factory there..
just think of IKEA for example. :))
Poland is very ahead in internet things, not as much as Iceland and Estonia…
how are the two leading world countries in pc/person, butmany young polish people
works in software firms.
Poland has suffered a lot during the Second World War, and then under
Russian pressure for many decades…
they had their “liberation” with Lech Walesa.
from then on, and with their entrance in UE.. (in 2004)
they finally had some soddisfaction!

ok..that’s enough political and historical talking..

let’s entroduce the recipe :)))

this is a cake that I found in my cookbook:
” christmas cakes from all around the world”
nicoletta negri – nathalie aru
ed. fabbri

rolca z mak – poppy seed roll

for the dough:
350gr of plain flour
90gr of sugar*
20gr of fresh yeast**
110ml of milk
1 egg
60gr of meleted butter
25gr of toasted grated almonds

for the filling:

100gr of poppy seeds
50gr of butter
80gr of sugar***
80gr of raisins
50gr of grated almonds
20gr of grated orange and lemon peel
1/2 tps cinamon

mix flour, sugar
let the yeast melt in the milk (non more than 37°)
pour it over the flour and sugar.
add the grated tosted almonds (just gently tost them in a pan without any grease)
add the egg and the melted butter.
work the dough well for ca 10min
put aside, cover with a handcloth and let rise to double size.

in the mean while, pour boiling water over the poppy seeds and let cool compleately.
when the poppys are cold, filter them through a strainer (a very fine strainer)
let them cook in the butter for 2min.
then add the sugar, the raisins, the orange/lemon peel and the cinamon.
let cool compleatly before using. (if not the doug will get stichy and you will not be able to roll)

strech the dough in a rectangle (30X40 more or less :)) ) and spread out the filling.
leave 2cm of border all around to close properly.
roll the dough with the filling, stating from the larger side.
close all boarders not to let the filling sip out.
close all boarders well, and put the roll with the opening down on a oven plate
(put baking paper under)
and let rise for a hour or so.
put in oven 190° for ca 30min.

delicious!!!! :)))

I putted 50gr of sugar
I used just 10gr of yeast and let rise longer
I putted 40gr of sugar.

if you want a more glazed surface, brush the roll with a batted egg.

see you next week in France…olà là! :)))

cliccate sull’imagine per la versione in italiano. 🙂


8 thoughts on “culinary tour around the world: poland

  1. aldarita

    Eccezionale, io mangio una cosa simile quando vado in Alto Adige ed è molto buona, forse è la volta che provo a farla anch’io…

  2. Castagna e Albicocca

    L’ho assaggiato anch’io…un rotolone pieno di semi di papavero (quasi fosse una marmellata o una crema a base di semi di papavero)…davvero particolare, mi ero stupita perché ho sempre visto i semi di papavero come guarnizione e non li ho mai immaginati da mangiare propriamente!!Brava che hai fatto la ricettina!!BACIONICastagna

  3. michela

    Sai che avevo una ricetta così e non mi decidevo a farla perchè non mi convinceva?Infatti era diversa dalla tua.Questa me la segno sicuramente.Grazie Brii.ciao

  4. Pingback: rolka z mak – rotolo ai semi di papavero (it) | briggishome

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