WHB #160 – mela’s dry figs

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welcome to this week’s whb,
unfortunately I missed last week beacause of problems with the internet.
sometimes here it seems to still live in the middleage! :))))
sooner or later even Italy will catch up… hopefully sooner than later!
this week we are hosted by scott from the real epicurian
nice to meet you scott and thank’s for hosting!!
I wish to thank haalo who’s coordinating everything and Kalyn for the fantastic idea!!
do you want to join? please read all about it here and here
dry figs with almond, bitter cocoa powder and laurel in grape juice

this is a delicous recipe from may dear friend mela…
or more exactly mela’s mother.
I made only one misstake in doing this…to little!! 🙂
this figs are fantastic!!
I was attracted of the combination of ingredients…
the laurel with it’s strong perfume together with the bitter cacao powder
and the sweetness
of the dry figs, with it’s crunchy almond heart, soaked in the fresh grape juice..
this is absolutely fabulous.
so I will not loose your time with other small talk..
you need:
dry figs
peeled almonds
bitter cocoa powder
dry laurel leaves
black grapes
squeeze the grapes using a foodprocessor.
if you don’t have one, then put the grapes in little water and cook for an hour or so.
until they are very soft, squeeze with a wooden spoon and put it all,
in a cloth, that you hang over the night dropping in a bowl.
roast gently the almonds in a little pan, qithout any grease.
cut the dry figs in halfs(not all trough) and put an almond in the center.
close and put all the dry figs in a cooking pan,
that can go into the oven.
cook in a oven at 200°C for 15min.
use clean small glass jars, start with some pieces of laurel on the bottom
then put some figs over (use a cookers pincer) and season with the cacao powder.
fill the jar ending with the laurel.
fill with some grape jucie, and the toss and turn,
let the figs absorb, soak all the liquid.
this will take some time.
in the meanwhile go on filling the other jars.
the dry figs can be served immidately, but will better with time.
store in a cool, dark place.will conserve for at least 6 months.
(but I don’t think they ever reach that time :)))) )
why not make a Christmas gift? 🙂
of course you can also use bought grape juice,
please be sure it is with no added sugar.
for the Italian version:
grazie mela :-*******

13 responses to “WHB #160 – mela’s dry figs

  1. E brave le nostre Mela e Brii!bacione bianco bianco di neve!

  2. simooooo…dall’altra parte del lago non si vede più nulla..c’è una coltre bianca bianca…un fortissimo abbracciops. prova questi fichi..sono…sono…sono buonissimiiiii!! :)))baciusss

  3. ma che ricetta particolare….molto buona però!!bacioni

  4. Una ricetta originale! Deve essere buonissima. Ciaooo, Brii, è sempre un piacere venire a trovarti. Ti abbraccio.

  5. Una vera delizia!bravissime

  6. bella ricetta mi era piaciuta tanto anche a me questa di Mela 😉

  7. Mi ispira, mi ispira molto!!!CAstagna

  8. buona sera…vi ringrazio tutte…e ve le consiglio..sono squisitissime!adesso che sono state a marinare per 15gg sono ancora più buone!!un abbraccio a tutte!!buonissima seratabaciusss

  9. Questi fichi farebbero impazzire mia madre – ancor meglio se coperte poi di cioccolato. Io invece da piccola mi rubavo solo la mandorla 🙂 Un buonissimo WE cara BriiAlex

  10. buon giornooo cara!!!allora tu ne fai un po’ alla tua mamy!io non impazzisco per i fichi secchi, se non nel muesli…ma devo dire che questi fai fatica smettere di mangiarle.hihiihiun abbraccio fortissimo.baciuss

  11. Eleonora…del blog “La cucina di Anicestellato”…ha proposto una raccolta a mio avviso bellissima…una raccolta buffet….ti lascio il linkhttp://lacucinadianicestellato.blogspot.com/2008/11/blog-post_28.htmlspero tanto che parteciperai a rendere bella ricca questa raccolta:-)un bacioAnnamaria

  12. buon giorno cara!certo che partecipo!!grazie di essere passata sei un tesoro!!buonissima giornatabaciusss

  13. Ciaooooo BriiiiiiiiiiiiUn bacione grande

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