lemon marmelade with elderberry flowers – and sirup

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I think I can?

for the italian version:
marmellata di limoni ai fiori di sambuco

this an other marmelade I want you too know…
a very particular one, very special one.

perhaps it will take part in pixies and rosies
“putting up: blogging event”

I found a small notebook in a library in Milan last year..
unusual preserves (insolite conserve)
giuliana pezzoli
ed. panozzo

I made this marmelade at once, but made just a third..to try.
that was a very, very bad idea..it is goood!!!!
soooo…I couldn’t wait until this years elderberry trees (sambucus niger) bloomed.
(here – garda lake- they grow as weed!)

are you ready, :

you need:
8 elderberry flowers
5 organic lemons
1,750 gr of water
1,650 gr of sugar
200cc(gr) of vinegar of white wine

mix water, vinegar and 1,25okg of suger in a pan.
let it cook softly until the sugar melts.

in the meanwhile, cut the lemons in small slices, make quarters of slices
put slices of lemon and elderberry flowers in layers in a big jar
and pour over the chilled sirup.

lock and put out in the sun for 4-5 days
(well, there is no hurry making preserves..so you can leave it there for 7-8 days to.)

then filter using a colander and the putting a piece of muslin and filter again
(you can also use a canvas dishcloth if it is not to thick,
or a piece of old clean pillowcase..they are perfect)
you need to filter twice.

then you put the sirup in bottles, and the bottles in a big pot, fill with water
( it should be 2-3 cm above the lid)
bring to boil, let boil for 20min.
let the bottles cool compleately in the water.
this is the most simple way to sterlize.

you take the lemon slices and the elderberry flowers(skip the harder branches)
you them in you inox pan add the rest of the sugar (500gr) and cook softly until it is gelified.
pour into clean jars, lock te lids..turn upside down and let cool.
store in a cool, fresh and dark place.

now, this seems a lot to do..
and if you don’t like elderberry sirup (but you must try this one)..
you do it any way and you have a lot of
christmas gifts already ready!! 🙂

anyway…this sirup is perfect together with
a spumante or prosecco as a aperitivo…or
simply together with some sprinkling water.


6 responses to “lemon marmelade with elderberry flowers – and sirup

  1. Guardando il tuo blog mi vien da piangere…perchè io le marmellate non le so fare?? Sembrano tutte buone…

  2. nooooo..non è difficile…davvero.hmmmmmm…devo trovare un modo per aiutarti!!adesso ci penso…e poi ti dico!!bacioniiii

  3. Limoni e sambuco… che buona deve essere… qui il sambuco c’è… ed è pure fiorito… ma c’è un po’ troppo inquinamento!

  4. si buona davvero..mi dispiace, se sapessi come fare la talea te lo direi..così la pianta la fai tu..ma purtroppo tutti i miei tentativi fino ora sono stati vani.anche con i polloni..niente da fare. sigh.grazie cara,bacioniii

  5. Oh my goodness this is truly so beautiful bri! I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to view everything that day but perhaps, if I run the event again in the future you will share more with us. Truly stunning!

  6. it is ok…pixie…I was so late with the posting..and I didn’t want to particpate with all the recipes…but I couldn’t choose.I do hope you will run the event again this summer…or why not..for christmas..it could be fun.it was really fun beeing part of all this.bacioniiii

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